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Online Boat License Course

Our course allows skipper to learn the basic operation and safety regulations that are required to own, rent or operating a boat or jet ski license. Our online course has been created with easy-to-read instructions and colorful illustrations for a fun and interesting learning experience. The course is easy to access from anywhere and really simple and friendly to use. There's no minimum time requirement, so you have a lot  of time to learn in your study paste and to do it in your own time.

Achieve You’re Online Boat License Now & Start Your Worldwide Sailing Experience  

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Complete Your Online Boat License And Start Boating Today

There Are 3 Easy Steps to Get Boat & Personal Watercraft Certified

Start our online boat License course and start boating today!!! I.N.A is offering to  students a unique and amazing opportunities specially for Covid times as no practical part is required to achieve your International certification.


Upon completing the course you will receive an I.N.A International licenses which are valid and highly recognised in a lot of countries such as: Spain, Greece, USA, Caribbean, Bahamas, Canada, and a lot more.


To complete the course and achieve your Boat License it can take as short as 4 hours!!!!!

No matter if you have sailing skilled or not having proper boating knowledge is important for your safety and of your passengers such as family or friends. I.N.A is a U.S. Coast Guard-recognized approved online boat certification course.

With more than 20 year of teaching experience, our online boating license course has been designed to comply with the different country’s and federal rules.

Learn everything you need to know to enjoy boating with keeping security and safety in mind.

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